Carnival of Trust for April is Up

Carnival of TrustThe Carnival of Trust for April is up. This month it’s hosted by Mark Slatin, of TrueColors Consulting.  

A Carnival, if you’re new to the term, is a bloggish anthology, in which a host collects blog postings on a particular subject. The Carnival of Trust, surprise surprise, collects the best posts on the internet on the subject of trust.

Mark has done readers a service by doing a lot of the intellectual heavy lifting–identifying not only fascinating posts, but adding even more value in some shrewd commentary.  For example, click on this month’s Carnival to read about:

  • what trust has to do with airline pilots shooting up the cockpit
  • why and under what conditions patients sue their doctors
  • who’s hot and who’s not in youth brands–and why trust explains a lot of it
  • how your reputation is out of your control, and
  • the Ginsu Knife of Sales Letters (gotta love that title).

The cool thing about the Carnival of Trust (I think) is that each guest host (the host rotates each month) must limit him- or herself to only 10 choices; the Top Ten of the month. Secondly, each host must succinctly add value in their commentary—think of those great one-paragraph movie reviews in the New Yorker.  Heck, just go read Mark’s reviews, they’re great.

And if that whets your appetite, by all means have a look at past Carnivals.

Next month, R. David Donoghue will be hosting the Carnival of Trust at The Chicago IP Litigation Blog ; entries are open for that carnival  now at

And if you’d like be a future host of the Carnival of Trust, write us at carnivaloftrust-at-trustedadvisor-dot-com

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