Call for Submissions: October Carnival of Trust

Carnival of Trust




The October Carnival of Trust will appear Monday, October 6. The deadline to contribute is tomorrow, October 2, at the stroke of midnight—not a moment later.

To those of you reading this blog from the Sales Sandbox on The Customer Collective, let me explain.

The Carnival of Trust is a selection of the month’s Top Ten blog posts from across the blogosphere in several broad categories related to trust—and one of those is Sales. (The others are Advising and Influencing; Strategy, Economics and Politics; and Leadership and Management).

Selections are made by the host, together with highly trenchant and insightful commentary. Have a look at some past juicy carnival selections.

So if you’ve written a blog post generally relating to trust in the last year and haven’t submitted it, please dust it off and send it in to us.

You could be a Big Winnah. Hey, you never know.

Looking forward to reading your fine material in the Carnival Of Trust.



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