Call for Submissions: July Carnival of Trust

Pogo used to say "this month Friday the Thirteenth falls on a Tuesday."  In a similar vein, July’s beginning-of-month Carnival of Trust will fall in mid-month.  Which means you still have time to contribute.

This month’s host is Andrea Howe, of BossaBlog, the home blog of BossaNova Consulting Group, the firm that teaches consultants consulting.  Andrea is no stranger to the subject of trust, and I for one look forward eagerly to her unique take on trust matters.

The Carnival of Trust is a selection of the month’s Top Ten blog posts in several broad categories.  Selections are made by the host, together with highly trenchant and insightful commentary.  Have a look at some past juicy carnival selections. 

So if you’ve written a blog post on trust in the last year and haven’t submitted it, please dust and send it in to us. The submission deadline is tomorrow at midnight.

Looking forward to reading you in the Carnival Of Trust.

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