April Carnival of Trust: the Best Yet?

This month is the 22nd Carnival of Trust.I take nothing away from the other editions by saying that the bar has been raised yet again; this particular Carnival stands out.

Hosted by James Irvine and Trip Allen of Egyii (think "edgy’), out Singapore way, what intrigues me so much about this edition is the case that Allen and Irvine make for trust as one of the most pervasive elements of doing business in the new milennium.  I defy you to read this Carnival and not come away sold that if you’re engaged with trust, you’re not doing business right in today’s world.

For those of you who may not be following, a Carnival is a collection of blogs.  The Carnival of Trust, however, is special, and not just becausd it focuses on trust.

The Carnival of Trust is hosted on a rotating basis, and each host picks the Top Ten–no more, no less–trust-related blogs from the past month, from the fields of Strategy, Economics and Politics; Leadership and Management; Sales and Marketing; and Advising and Influencing.  Not only that, but the hosts weave them together with succinct commentary that adds its own value.

What you, the reader, get is intelligent selection, thoughtful content, and incisive commentary.  Beats any search engine going. 

In this Carnival you’ve got articles connecting love and profit; profit and new social media; branding; and the economics of giving away.  All connected by some very insightful commentary by the egyii folks

Like to see past Carnivals?  Like to enter your own blog piece into the funnel for the next month’s Carnival?  Visit the Carnival home page; and submit material for the next Carnival here. 

Give this one a read.  And drop a note to thank James and Trip for the great work they did here.  Just click on April Carnival of Trust, and enjoy.

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