Announcing the Trust Resources Library

As well as having a bit a design facelift, now features a great new resource on trust. Announcing: The Trust Resources Library, a new addition to the Trust Institute at Trusted Advisor Associates (The Trust Institute also contains the self-assessment Trust QuotientSM test).

Trusted Advisor Associates is dedicated to increasing trust—in the business world, and the world in general.

Trust is becoming more, not less, important because:

  • the world is getting more linked
  • horizontal external relationships are replacing vertical internal relationships
  • the same forces that link us also depersonalize those links.

Trust provides powerful tools for good in the face of these trends.

Yet our understanding of trust is limited, fragmented and hard to access. There is no library, website or other forum devoted to the breadth of issues surrounding the theory and practice of trust. Students, consultants, strategists, trainers, managers are forced to re-invent the wheel when dealing with trust.

Until now, that is. Introducing the Trust Resources Library.  It is value-adding, far-reaching, and recursive—it gets more valuable as you use it. It is also free—no strings attached.

Click on the link and you’ll get access to over 400 sources—cross-indexed, linked and abstracted with intelligent commentary—ranging from philosophic theory to business texts; from personal to political; from historical to current.

We invite you to use it—to research, to browse, to learn from.

And we invite you to help build it. Add your own citations, links, and abstracts. When you do, you are identified by name as a contributor (if you choose). (We will reserve approval and editing rights).

Go ahead—click. Take a spin around. Welcome to the Trust Resources Library component of the Trust Institute.


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  1. Nancy Brown-Johnston
    Nancy Brown-Johnston says:

    Thank you for all that you write and do for all of us! I appreciate your blog, your books and your dedication to this topic.

  2. Shaula
    Shaula says:

    Congratulations on the site renovation and the launch of the new wing, Charlie.

    I really like the new look and colour scheme.

    I hope it serves you well and I wish you every success with this new set of tools!



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