Sell More

People vastly prefer to get what they need from people they trust. Trusted sellers get increased sales, easier closing, more new client opportunities, and increased client retention.

See Speaking and Workshops for programs to give your sales professionals mindsets and skills to sell effectively with trust.

See the Trust 360 and Trust Quotient for individual trustworthiness assessments.

See Coaching for a high-touch program to fine-tune trust in sales and reflect on experiences with a mentor.

Guide Clients with Trust

Trusted advisors are more likely to have their advice taken, open new lines of communication, gain referrals, and have more constructive and effective client interactions.

See Speaking and Workshops for programs to give your organization’s internal and external professional advisors the mindsets and skills to facilitate constructive interactions and strengthen meaningful relationships with clients.

See Coaching for an intensive program to help professionals engage in meaningful discussion with clients. Participants reflect on experiences with a mentor, who role models an effective advisor-client relationship.

Lead with Trust

The most effective leaders don’t demand power-based or hierarchical obeisance, but instead influence people to take on the organization’s goals as their own.

See Speaking and Workshops for programs to give frontline managers and senior leaders the mindsets and skills to lead effectively.

See Coaching for an intensive one-on-one program, and see Trusted Advisor Mastery Groups for a program that allows leaders in an organization to gain a shared understanding of trustworthiness

Build a Trust-based Organization

Organizations that cultivate trusting relationships (internally and externally) for their own sake have a business advantage.

See the Corporate Trust Audit and Roadmap for assessment and strategic planning to increase your organization’s trustworthiness.

See the Trust 360 and Trust Quotient for individual trustworthiness assessments

See Workshops, Speaking, and Video Learning for organization-wide programs.


The pragmatic, field-oriented follow-on to the classic The Trusted Advisor. Green and Howe go deep into the how-to’s of trusted business relationships—loaded with stories, exercises, tips and tricks, and deeply practical advice.


TrustBasedSelling“Sales” and “Trust” rarely inhabit the same sentence. Customers fear being “sold” — they suspect sellers have only their own interests at heart. Is this a built-in conflict? Or can sellers serve buyers’ interests and their own as well? The solution is simple to state, hard to live—and totally worth the effort.


The_TrustedAdvisorThis classic book explores the paradigm of trust through the filter of professional services. It is a blend of thought and practice, clear ideas and practical suggestions, and it has found a place on many professionals’ working bookshelves.

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