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Over the past few months we’ve counted down 144 daily #TrustTips on Twitter.  Each tip aimed to help you improve your trustworthiness and trusted relationships within your professional and personal lives.  We collected them all here.

Now that our new book, “The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook,” nears its release date, we are looking to hear from you, oh avid readers, which tips you felt were the most useful, profound or just plain interesting.

You Be the Judge

We listed a few of our favorites – now it’s your turn. We’d like to share, right here on Trust Matters, a few of yours.

So go ahead and tell us which #TrustTip was your favorite and why (no more than a few sentences). We’ll enter each submission into a drawing to win a copy of the new book autographed by both of us, as well as the opportunity to be singled out on our site (eternal fame, in other words).

Enter Now! Just go ahead and list your favorite #TrustTip in the comment section below or, email us at: [email protected].  Once again, here’s the full list of #TrustTips.

We can’t wait to hear which tips you choose!

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  1. Van Wray
    Van Wray says:

    Favorite Tip
    #TrustTip 42: If you have to choose, would you rather be right, get the sale, or help your customer?

    This gets to the heart of a foundational mind set. And you cannot fake it. The client knows in their gut which of these three is driving the conversation.

  2. Dawna Houston
    Dawna Houston says:

    My favorite Trust Tip:  #TrustTip 8: Trust enhances innovation: it allows people of different views to convert conflict into collaboration.

    I have watched fear and anxiety absolutely shut down creativity, both personally and professionally; this tip is a great reminder that when we cultivate trust, our minds naturally open and our awareness expands.

  3. Doug Sunshine
    Doug Sunshine says:

    My favorite #TrustTip is #4: You can trust a broken watch to be right twice a day, but trust a 5-minute slow watch to tell you the time.

    To me, this really speaks to reliability and trustworthiness.  First, I find it to be reliable when a client or colleague has a consistent pattern that I can then adjust to, this helps to establish an understanding of each of our behaviors (we may not neccessarily be on the same “time” but we can rely on each other to sync our two worlds).  When it comes to trustworthiness, there is the element of the continuity of consistency … in other words don’t be trustworthy sporatically, its more beneficial to a trusting relationship to be trustworthy continuously.

  4. Charles H. Green
    Charles H. Green says:

    “When a client or colleague has a consistent pattern that I can adjust to, this helps…”

    Exactly right. Dependability and reliability don’t mean rock-bound mechanical processes, they mean patterns that can be understood, felt, sensibly predicted. A valuable distinction. 

    Thanks, and welcome to the book drawing. 

  5. Mike Johansson
    Mike Johansson says:

    My favorite: #TrustTip 44: If you have a funny feeling about something in your tummy–pay attention to it. Your instincts are your accumulated wisdom telling you something – be smart and listen! 🙂

    • Andrea P. Howe
      Andrea P. Howe says:

      That’s a favorite of mine too, Mike. Too often we suppress and second-guess our instincts (and I include myself in that Royal We).


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