Trust Tip Video: The Four Most Trust Creating Words

Building trust can be as easy as saying four simple words: Tell Me More, Please.

When you ask a client or colleague to tell you more–you are acknowledging that you are listening to them, and more importantly, that you care what they have to say. This small action creates big waves when it comes to creating trust.

That’s what this week’s Trust Tip video is about: Creating Trust with 4 Easy Words.

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  1. Jim Medema
    Jim Medema says:


    Great post! Thank you for your contributions over the years. 

    I am a database consultant and find myself asking this same question in a variety of ways in my work with clients:
    • Let me make sure I understand… (you, this process, your objective…)
    • Tell me if this summary of <> is accurate (then present the summary and listen for feedback and corrections)
    • Say more about…
    • What you just said is critical because…
    • Help me better understand…
    • I’ve solved a similar problem for another client. Tell me if the following would work in your situation
    • Would <> provide any value for you?

    I know consultants who jump too quickly to how they can solve issues before fully understanding what they are. Additional benefits of using language like you described in the video and these other examples include:
    • Reminding everyone (including you) that you are serving your client. Those in service of others usually do a lot more asking than telling.
    • Reinforces that your client is the subject matter expert. Your job is to learn from them how they manage their business and, in my case, how I can design a solution that best services their needs (and not any preconceived ideas and assumptions)
    • Continually communicates your interest in your client and their work
    • Ensures that when it IS time to present a plan to the client that you haven’t foolishly left obvious stones unturned. You can only speak to what you truly know. Presenting back to your client what they’ve expressed to you will quickly reveal where you’ve missed the boat.
    • Ensures a relationship where the client feels (and can read in black and white print) that you, their service provider, understand their needs and requirements. 

    All the best,

    Jim Medema
    Surefoot Database Consulting

    • Charlie Green
      Charlie Green says:


      Very, very well said. I’m going to steal ‘what you just said is critical because…’ with attribution, if you don’t mind.

      Great list. Completely agree with you, and you do a great job of explaining why it’s so valuable.

      Many thanks,


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