Trust Tip: Return Calls Unbelievably Fast

What is the absolute best single thing you can do to enhance your trustworthiness? Cheap, fast, effective, high return on your investment?

I suggest it might simply be this: Return Calls Unbelievably Fast.

It’s not hard. It costs nothing. You can do it starting right now.

And It has several benefits, not just one. That’s what this week’s Trust Tip video is about.

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  1. Chris Downing
    Chris Downing says:

    Ten years ago I had the chance to change tracks and swap the business World for my passion for music. What a difference in how musicians react to contact compared to business people. Musicians are mostly self employed and those who don’t get along with people don’t get employed very much. I have been constantly surprised at how appraochable well known players are compared to business people of the same status. Call a musician, someone that’s top of their genre, with a good idea for a peice or a new way to open up some new audience and they get back to you in an hour or two. Musicians learn early on whe the money is. It’s in the pockets of the audience, the customers. Eveyone out there is a potential customer or can help you to a potential customer – so stay close and return those call is part of the musicians’ mantra.

    When business people forget where the money is they have lost the basics of bus.

    • Cgreen
      Cgreen says:

      Fascinating, Chris. I think you’re right, the idea of constantly being only one step removed from the customer must have a focusing effect on the producer. Let’s hear it for musicians, who have a lot to teach the rest of us.


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