Trust, Innovation and Minimalist Management: Ross Smith Redux

Ross Smith of Microsoft is a pioneer in applying trust to real-world management issues—particularly creativity, innovation and employee engagement.  I first interviewed him in the inaugural issue of Trust Quotes, Trust and Innovation.

Ross first ran Windows Security team for Microsoft and wrote The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention. He recognized the critical need for innovation, and discovered trust as an enabler for getting there—and in turn, the value of games in creating trust.

Since then he’s moved on to Microsoft’s Office Communicator product line, and is working his team magic again.  I saw him in Newark Airport a few months ago, off on one of several global speaking engagements. He’s been cited by Gary Hamel, and just a few days ago agreed to do an ongoing blog for the good folks at SHRM.

To start things off, SHRM interviewed Ross, and included not only great dialogue but a bunch of cool links. Here are the opening lines:

SHRM: What keeps you up at night?

Smith: Nothing. If your work keeps you awake at night, you might have the wrong job.

Enjoy SHRM’s  interview with Ross Smith on innovation, games and minimalist management.