DRUMROLL PLEASE…Announcing Our Licensee in Scandinavia: Garde Inc.

Business is global. Culture is local. And trust is universally needed to do business in today’s increasingly impersonal world. So, it is with delight that I announce our new affiliate in Scandinavia, Garde Inc.

We met with the amazing folks of Garde Inc., a newly formed consulting firm, at one of our trainings in London earlier this year, and were blown away by the level of intelligence, energy and insight these folks bring to their work. All experienced consultants, they work to bring organizations both the knowledge to change minds and the practices to change behaviors–and all this shows up on their clients’ bottom lines. Garde Inc. brings the trusted advisor perspective into their consulting areas of Product, Projects and Process.

“Garde Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in behavior, execution and results. We help ambitious clients move from plans and talk to behavior and results. We help you get there faster and more efficiently.”

Their inspirations:

In Europe? Doing business in Europe? I urge you to give them a call:

Kristen Bernikows Gade 6

DK-1105 Copenhagen, Denmark

T: +45 2488 8608

[email protected]