On the Road – To Trust

Sometimes, little things add up to big trust.  I had to travel recently for a client, and I asked Joel, my travel agent, to provide me with flight and price information, which he promptly did.  However, when I learned that I could book my flight with my client’s travel agent for a lower price due to their airline contracts, I decided to book with them. 

Shortly later, plans changed.  Another client asked me to visit in a different city the following day, which required another leg to my journey before returning home.  I called Joel again because I needed to change my itinerary. 

Even though I had not booked the initial flight with his agency, Joel greeted my travel issue as if it was his own.  Though he could not make changes to another agent’s booking, he advised me how to deal with the change, without charge and without being miffed that I’d booked elsewhere after he’d gathered information for me.  He was focused on me, the client, and on our long-term relationship.  He checked his ego at the door.  

The result for Joel – I booked the next leg with him, of course.  And, I would recommend his services to anyone who asks.

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