Guided Learning to Master Trust

Our Guided Learning program is an intensive, three-month experience that combines e-learning with personalized one-on-one or group coaching to help individuals maximize their potential as a trusted business advisors, commit to improving their professional relationships, and create opportunities for greater business success.

Based on combination of our coaching resources and our Being a Trusted Advisor online course, Guided Learning to Master Trust offers both a broad view of skills and insights, and a highly personalized approach to making those abilities come alive in application. Guided Learning gives individuals the confidence that they are learning everything they need to apply trust-building mindsets and techniques to their own situations.

The program is ideal for individuals or small groups of leaders, especially in sales, human resources, information technology, finance, or legal teams. The program creates an open opportunity for reflection on trust experiences and personalized training from a Trusted Advisor Associates coach.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to create trust in business and sales
  • Develop long-lasting successful business relationships with peers, partners and customers
  • Take a significant step in your own personal development

Individual coaching sessions give participants the freedom to customize their learning experience to achieve specific goals.

For small groups (3-5 individuals), additional group coaching sessions provide opportunities to address common challenges, as well as to increase collaboration, and peer learning.

What are the e-learning modules about?

The same content that we deliver to our major corporate clients is delivered through our 29-chapter Being a Trusted Advisor online course, giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and review material over a longer period of time. The materials are annotated, referencing our three books plus relevant articles and blog posts available for free on our website.

The modules dive deeply into key trust issues, including:

  • Trust in the sales process
  • Practical uses of the Trust Equation
  • The application of the four Trust Principles
  • Accelerating trust
  • Recovering lost trust
  • Raising difficult topics

What does Guided Learning to Master Trust include?

Each participant will receive:

  • Access to online content
  • 4 one-on-one coaching meetings (~1 hour each)
  • For team enrollments only, 4 hours of group coaching (with other cohort members)
  • One-year access to the Being a Trusted Advisor course in our e-Learning system
  • Private online forum for conversations between participants and coach
  • Copies of The Trusted Advisor and Trust-Based Selling books
  • The Trust Quotient self-assessment

When is the program offered?

We schedule each Guided Learning to Master Trust program to meet your (or your group’s) learning needs. To discuss schedule availability, please email us at [email protected].

How much flexibility in scheduling is there?

One of the key benefits of Guided Learning to Master Trust is the extreme degree of flexibility in scheduling that it provides. With the exception of the four group coaching sessions, which require minimal coordination with other members of your cohort, you have a lot of freedom. The online learning is available 24/7, and individual coaching can be arranged at any time that is mutually convenient for you and your coach.