The Trusted Advisor Mastery Program

The Trusted Advisor Mastery Program is centered on helping individuals maximize their potential as trusted business advisors. It’s an intensive, three-month experience combining e-learning, personalized coaching and group coaching. Commit to improving yourself and creating opportunity for business success.

The Trusted Advisor Mastery Program is ideal for external professionals (such as accountants, consultants and lawyers), internal staff professionals (in HR, IT, Finance and Legal), sales and service people from complex product and services industries. The program is particularly attractive for those in smaller companies, including solo and partnership businesses that don’t have access to 20-30 person in-house training sessions in larger corporations.


  • Learn how to create trust in business and sales
  • Develop long-lasting successful business relationships with peers, partners and customers
  • Take a significant step in your own personal development

During the program, you work alongside five to ten other individuals in the program. This provides great opportunities for increased collaboration. At the same time, there are individual coaching sessions and each participant has a great deal of freedom to customize the program specifically around his or her particular issues.

What are the e-learning modules about?

There are 20-plus modules, all delivered by our coaching expert, Stewart Hirsch. The same content that we deliver to our major corporate clients is delivered through The Trusted Advisor Mastery Program, in e-learning form; giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and review material over a longer period of time. The materials are annotated, referencing two books, forty articles and more than 800 blog posts.

The modules dive deeply into key trust issues, including:

  • Trust in the sales process
  • Understanding the dynamics of different trust temperament personalities
  • Practical uses of the Trust Equation
  • The application of the four Trust Principles
  • Trust-based leadership
  • Accelerating trust creation
  • Recovery from trust loss situations
  • Asking difficult questions
  • Answering the most difficult sales questions

What does The Trusted Advisor Mastery Program include?

You get:

  • Access to all online content
  • 4 one-on-one coaching meetings (~1 hour each)
  • 4 hours of group coaching (with other cohort members)
  • Unlimited access to the customized e-Learning system
  • Online forum conversations between your cohorts and coach
  • Copies of both books (The Trusted Advisor and Trust-Based Selling)
  • Your own Trust Quotient and Trust Temperament self-assessment

When does the program begin?

If you’d like to learn more about when we’re scheduling The Trusted Advisor Mastery Program, please email us at

How much flexibility in scheduling is there?

One of the key benefits of The Trusted Advisor Mastery Program is the extreme degree of flexibility in scheduling that it provides. With the exception of the four group coaching sessions, which require minimal coordination with other members of your cohort, you have a lot of freedom. The online learning can be done 24/7, and your individual coaching can be arranged at any time that is mutually convenient for you and your coach.