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The Trusted Advisor

The 20th anniversary edition of the business classic–now updated to reflect the digital world.

In today’s fast-paced networked economy, professionals must work harder than ever to maintain and improve their business skills and knowledge. But technical mastery of one’s discipline is not enough. The key to professional success is the ability to earn the trust and confidence of clients. This 20th anniversary edition provides essential tools and wisdom for all consultants, negotiators, and advisors.

Other Releases

Trust-Based Selling

TrustBasedSelling“Sales” and “Trust” rarely inhabit the same sentence. Customers fear being “sold” — they suspect sellers have only their own interests at heart. Is this a built-in conflict? Or can sellers serve buyers’ interests and their own as well? The solution is simple to state, hard to live—and totally worth the effort.

The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook

The pragmatic, field-oriented follow-on to the classic The Trusted Advisor. Green and Howe go deep into the how-to’s of trusted business relationships—loaded with stories, exercises, tips and tricks, and deeply practical advice.

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