Trust is more critical to selling intangible services than it is to selling goods. And yet sellers of intangible services are afraid of “selling” because they think it’s destructive to trust. The reality is that selling intangible services only works when you embrace openness and generosity. You need to see past the common myths about sales to genuinely build a framework of trust and opportunity.

Learn how to show, not tell. Engage in honest discussions with customers about their situation. If that means recommending an alternative to your services, do it. The key to selling intangible services is demonstrating your complete willingness to help. You offer them a sample (just like physical stores offer samples) through brainstorming sessions, collaboration and trust building. That generosity will lead to business success.


  • Create a new framework for selling intangible services
  • Focus on relationship building and the process, not on the endpoint of closing a deal
  • Attune yourself to your clients in a way that builds trust and increases sales