Charles H. Green is a preeminent thought leader when it comes to trust-based business relationships.

Charles co-authored the groundbreaking The Trusted Advisor–the bible for advisory relationships of all types. He then applied trust to the business development function in the critically-acclaimed Trust-based Selling. He takes on leadership in his most recent book, The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Leading with Trust, with co-writer Andrea Howe.

“When The Trusted Advisor published in 2000, I called it a brilliant and practical book. The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook is even more practical—and instructive—on how to develop trustworthiness, both in yourself and your organization.”
– Tom Peters, co-author, In Search of Excellence

If your organization’s effectiveness depends on getting others to take your advice; if your people must develop business and sell; if you’re interested in creating leaders who people follow—then you appreciate the power of trust.

Charles talks about the difference between trusting and being trustworthy, the Trust Quotient, the process of trust creation, and fundamental trust principles, in ways that are intensely practical and relevant to your organization.

“You have had a transformative impact on our company.”
– Michael Colacino, President, Studley Commercial Real Estate

Charlie’s presentations are rich with real examples, current business event analysis, and practical tools for building trust. A fine speaker and pragmatic educator, he has a comfortable, authentic style and customizes his sessions for his audiences.

He makes a “soft” subject not only “hard,” but very practical, with conclusions based not only on research but consistent with commonsense. He is capable of holding an audience’s attention for several hours.

“Charlie understands how people and organizations work – a pretty rare combination. He is terrifically engaging and very wise.”
– John Barch, Deloitte