Selling to the C-level executive can be your entrée to higher-level, more value-added selling.

It is also is a challenging adventure – not for cowards, egotists, or control freaks.

It really is a different world in the C-Suite – the chief executive, financial executive, operating office, technology office and anyone else in the “CXO group”. The CXO thinks more globally than others in the chain of command. Once you make it past the gatekeepers, your role is to become a trusted advisor, not just another sales person. How do you achieve that status?

In The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Leading with Trust, authors Charles H. Green and Andrea Howe offer insights on building trust with high-level executives. To give you the flavor of this best seller, we invite you to request a free copy of our eBook How to Sell to the C-Suite.

In this evocative excerpt from the book, Green and Howe list nine best practices for finding sales success in the C-suite. It’s all about building a relationship. If you want that to happen, you must first ask a few key questions:

  • Will you shoot yourself in the foot by going straight to the top?
  • How can you prepare yourself for selling to top executives?
  • How can you build their trust?
  • How can you convince the CXO that you or your product bring value to the organization?
  • When should you transition from collaborator to solution provider?
  • How do you manage your sales presentation?

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