Increased innovation, greater team alignment. faster delivery time, improved influencing skills (and being influenced skills as well) – these are the aspects of leadership that are affected by the Trust-based Leadership program.

This one-day workshop was designed to teach organization leaders, from first line supervisors to middle managers and team managers, to experience and recognize what behaviors are critical to build trust, and to give them actionable skills to help lead successful teams.

Trust-based Leadership is experience-based and interactive. A core trust exercise deconstructs the components of trustworthiness, and various cases and exercises demonstrate the five trust skills. Instructors are certified personally by Charles H. Green.


  • Be able to define and act upon the difference between trusting and being trustworthy
  • Create a trust-positive environment by improving trustworthiness, and role-modeling and practice trust-enhancing behaviors
  • Apply five skills that build trust: listen, risk, partner improvise, and self-awareness
  • Implement a personal plan for building trustworthiness, and for applying trust building skills