Lively, interactive, and practical, this one or two day workshop is based on real-life problems that participants bring to the sessions. Becoming a Trusted Advisor is built on the Trust Equation, with a focus on increasing participants’ credibility, reliability and intimacy while lowering self-orientation.

The workshops range from a half day to two days, and can be delivered onsite or offsite. The format is tailored uniquely to your organization’s requirements, to best suit the environment.

Workshops are ideally suited for 20-40 people. Upon completion of the Trusted Advisor workshop, you can further impact your organization’s effectiveness by providing individuals with trust-based coaching. This is a great way to accelerate and solidify people’s learning.


  • Create transformative change within your organization’s culture
  • Change how your employees look at and engage in internal and external relationships
  • Establish a framework for business success