The theme of winning has for decades heavily influenced our approach to business. It seems as obvious as the air we breathe, hence we don’t even notice it. But winning has not always occupied the dominant positions it does today; go back and read Peter Drucker, for example. If we deeply explore the idea of customer focus, we get a different perspective; one in which customer focus is not the handmaiden of winning, but which sees winning is a byproduct of customer focus. It turns out the systemic benefits are greater with this latter view.

The concept of transparency comes up naturally in this line of thinking–customer focus demands it. You can’t well be devoted to serving customers and practicing duplicity or being opaque.

These topics and more are discussed in our Trust Primer 10, featuring, “The Two Times You Should Refer a Customer to a Competitor,” “Handling Sales Rejection Without Becoming a Narcissist,” and “To Tell or Not To Tell: The Three Question Transparency Test.” Each treats these themes from a slightly different angle.

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