Welcome to the April ebook, Volume 9 of the Trust Reader. We use the Trust Reader series to announce the publication of new articles on the Trusted Advisor website.

This month’s issue is made up of three articles, which share one broad theme: the relationship between giving and getting. This of course has implications for both marketing and sales, as well as personal relationships. We have always felt this link—between personal and business—is central to each.

We begin with a broadly theoretical article, first printed in RainToday.com, titled, “Reciprocity and Inbound Marketing.” The world of marketing has changed drastically over the past decade. The invention and reliance upon social media and the consumer’s drive to push out SPAM has forced marketers to find new ways of getting their message out. Inbound marketing is built upon reciprocity, and through that outlook, those who leverage it have found success.

Chris Brogan, of Third Tribe Marketing and author of Trust Agents, and psychologist and author Robert Cialdini both highlight the factor of reciprocity being the number one driver of influence. In this article I reveal 13 steps you can take today to think about applying the power of these concepts yourself.

The other two articles delve more into the reality behind what happens when we go for the sale and they touch on how to build trust through putting your client’s needs and wants before your own goal of making the close. They are given one-page summaries with links.

  1. What Your Client Really Means By Price Objecting, first published in SeniorMarketAdvisor.com sheds some light on how best to respond to a price objection while pitching a sale.
  2. Why Closing is Hazardous to Your Sales Health first published in ProducersWeb.com, delves into the reasons why aiming solely for the close is unhealthy for your sales perspective. Focusing on building a trusting relationship with your client includes enhancing your Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy and Other-orientation in the eyes of your client. Instead of aiming to create a relationship focused solely on you making your sale, perhaps it’s time to focus on what your client’s needs are.

We hope you enjoy this new material.

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