Theresa Kratofil

Theresa Kratofil

Leadership Consultant

As a facilitator for the one day training program, Trust-Based Leadership, I work with leaders at all levels in an organization to identify ways to build and demonstrate trust and to help increase their personal leadership trustworthiness. I am committed to helping leaders recognize their impact in creating an environment of trust where employees can engage and perform to their fullest potential.

I have worked with leaders for 21 years in many different industries, from finance to manufacturing. In addition to facilitating executive workshops and over 30 different leadership courses, I also consult, design and develop courses, and coach. I hold several certifications and have an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan.

My Trust Story

When I took the Trust Quotient Assessment, I was quite surprised to find that my score on Intimacy was my lowest score. I have always worked hard to be a good listener and to honor the information and stories that others share with me. People have always seemed comfortable with telling me personal or “risky” information. High on my list of values are discretion and respect. So I was more than a bit confused to see intimacy as my greatest opportunity for increasing my trustworthiness. But as I went through the information in the assessment and thought back to all of those interactions and conversations where I spent my time listening, I realized that, very often, I did not share “risky” information about myself. Although more than willing to listen, I was not always willing to make myself vulnerable. I was only fulfilling half of the intimacy dynamic. I could see how this was choking the potential for more in some of my relationships.

It is not always easy – in some cases, absolutely terrifying!– but I have been challenging myself to share those “risky” bits of information that I would normally keep to myself. It has been very illuminating to see how, in being vulnerable and placing my trust in others, I am increasing my trustworthiness as well. I have noticed a difference, in both my personal and client relationships – and I am grateful for it.

My Services

I facilitate the Trust-Based Leadership course. I also provide specialized workshops to help leaders and teams identify areas where trust can be improved and develop actionable strategies to support the improvements. In addition, I coach, consult, develop and facilitate over 30 different programs for leaders in all levels of leadership.

My Trust Temperament:

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