Stanley Tan

Stanley Tan


As MD for Trusted Advisor Associates, Singapore, I am excited to bring the Trusted Advisor models and principles to the Asian business market. These concepts can greatly help to empower business professionals in many market segments to enhance and improve interactions with customers. 

I was the Chief Operating Officer of one of Singapore’s largest and well-established Financial Advisory firms with both Singapore and regional responsibilities in Beijing, China. Prior to this, I was a change consultant ,servicing government agencies and commercial organizations from retail, insurance, finance, hospitality and telecommunication sectors across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Europe. I am a Management Science graduate from University of London. I am a trained and licensed facilitator for various personality profile tests, as well as a graduate of the Customer Service Excellence programme from Harvard Business School.

My Trust Story

I was invited by a senior manager in a financial services firm to help develop a customer service program. We developed a comprehensive program. However, we discovered that many customer outcomes depended on the attitude and skill of the service giver. The organization had not recruited people whose skills were relevant to service delivery functions.

The General Manager called me for lunch one day to discuss this. After some thought, I asked him if it might be possible to go outside the norms, and recruit some from the hospitality and care industries. He looked at me, deep in thought, and did not say anything when we parted. I wondered if I had offended, or made an unreasonable suggestion.

A month later, I noticed that staff coming to my training programme were from the hospitality sectors. Further, they had the skills required for better customer interactions.

A couple of months later, I bumped into the GM in the corridor. I told him I was pleasantly surprised to see these new staff and how they were very skillful at the training sessions. He replied that he had received very good feedback about their performance at the front line with customers. I was about to leave when he said to me, ‘There was a moment in our lunch when I had to make a decision between risk and trust. I am glad I decided to take the later, thank you.

My Services

I am leading the Trusted Advisor and Trust-Based Selling training in Asia, tuning curriculum to suite the requirements of Asian cultures.

My Trust Temperament:

The Professor™

Topic Areas:

  • Trust-Based Selling
  • Trust-Based Leadership

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