Diane Morrison

Diane Morrison

Leadership Consultant

As the lead designer and facilitator for the one-day training program Trust-Based Leadership, I work with organizations to train leaders on how to build and demonstrate trust in the workplace. My goal: to make the world a better place to work, one leader at a time. Better leaders make better work environments. Better work environments maximize performance and commitment of the workforce.

I am a leadership expert who has spent the last 25 years practicing and studying the competencies, impact, and concepts of great leadership. I have personally trained over 14,000 leaders in over 100 companies and 15 industries. I have designed over 200 courses focused on developing leadership skills.  I have a master’s of science degree in management from Walsh College located in Troy Michigan.

My Trust Story

When I took the Trust Quotient Assessment, it came as no surprise that my lowest score was intimacy. My assessment indicated that I could improve how safe people feel around me, including their willingness to share their inner thoughts with me.

A few days later, I was with my son. I asked him for his thoughts about intimacy and his take on my intimacy score. He said, “Mom, when you don’t tell anyone about your mistakes, people don’t think they can make mistakes when they work for you.” He was right! When I look back at what people have said over the years, there have been times when they indicated my need to be perfect, and I realize it made them nervous.

My key takeaways: I had not realized that just “getting over” the mistake and moving forward was actually creating an environment where people didn’t think they could make mistakes.  I needed to start sharing when I made a mistake and how I “got over” it so that others could learn and also feel comfortable making their own mistakes.

My Services

Facilitate Trust-Based Leadership. I also provide coaching and consulting services on how to integrate trust behaviors into the work of leaders.  And I facilitate training for over 21 topics that relate to the new and less experienced leader.

My Trust Temperament:

The Steward™

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