Andrea Ross

Andrea Ross


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As a Facilitator and Leadership Development consultant, I specialise in designing and facilitating Trusted Advisor courses for organisations across South East Asia.

I hold a BSc (Hons) Behavioural Science 2:1 from The University of Huddersfield, UK, certified with ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) and am certified as a DISC Behavioural Consultant & Belbin for Team Effectiveness and continue to up-skill my talents to support my clients learning and development needs. I have passionately mentored talent across SE Asia for over 15 years and am delighted to continue developing talent through the Trusted Advisor group. As a former senior executive in Asia I can relate to the challenges that people face and are able to connect people to the trust principles through real life examples during the workshop enabling the learning to be applied effectively.

Based in Singapore since 2000. I have worked across South East Asia in my former role as a Managing Director for an executive search firm Robert Walters where I was responsible for growing bottom line results which in my humble opinion is achieved through hiring, developing and retaining top talent. To achieve this well one needs to be an authentic leader and viewing trustworthiness as a “value” than merely a ‘topic’ enables people to see that trust is tangible and therefore can be improved upon.


I started delving into the subject of Trust a few years ago when I was working with a client in Singapore targeted at their senior regional leadership team where their learning objectives were to focus on building stronger relationships with their stakeholders. Through reading “The Trusted Advisor” and reaching out to Charles Green directly did I start realising how critical it is as a leadership skill and a crucial business asset.

There is more emphasis than ever on individual leaders role-modelling specific behaviours and through the Trusted Advisor workshop it provides the tools to making this complex value into practical and actionable strategies.


I work with clients and their teams on Being a Trusted Advisor and building deeper trusted relationships across South East Asia. Clients range from SME’s to blue chip organisations that have a passion for making a difference.


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