Stacy Payne

Stacy Payne

Leadership Consultant

I am thrilled to be one of the facilitators for the Trust-Based Leadership one day program. It is a pleasure to be able to help leaders understand and appreciate the importance that trust has in our work environments and our relationships with others. It is my practice to create a learning environment conducive to exploration and dialogue that helps leaders to discuss practical ways that they may implement the concepts around trust that we introduce during our training sessions.

I have served as a leadership development consultant for the past 20 years and my role has enabled me to influence, motivate, and promote the importance of personal development and change. Recognized for group facilitation in classroom settings and live distance learning broadcasts, I have been fortunate to work in a variety of industries including: agricultural, automotive, banking, education, finance, food, government, health care, hospitality, human services, manufacturing, and technology. I have experience working with leaders in the areas of engineering, human resources, information systems, manufacturing, marketing, medical education, nursing, process improvement, and product development.

My communication style is adaptable and spontaneous which assists in the ability to transfer knowledge to employees at all levels through a variety of methods. I earned a Master of Arts degree in Guidance and Counseling, with an emphasis on career and employee development.

My Trust Story

When I took the Trust Quotient Assessment, I learned that others can count on me to follow through and will feel safe with me. It’s important to me that I get the job done. The assessment also helped me to recognize that my desire to get the job done to my standards may interfere with me consulting others and looking for alternative approaches that may ultimately be what is best in the given situation.

My key takeaways: I have to be aware that my desire to create my own rules may not work in many situations. I have to understand the big picture and trust that the process that is in place will assist in obtaining the desired results. I must also listen to others’ viewpoints more often so that they will become more trusting of me which will assist in creating more collaborative relationships with others.

My Services

Facilitate Trust-Based Leadership. As a consultant, I design, develop and facilitate training targeted to specific leadership competencies, principles and values that are aligned with organizations’ mission and vision statements. I conduct team interventions to identify organizational obstacles and re-invent processes and solutions in partnership with leaders and employees to promote an environment of collaboration and teamwork. I have facilitated training in over 30 different leadership topics that promote on-going growth and development for those in various levels of leadership. I also serve as a coach to leaders who have identified developmental opportunities and are looking for a thinking partner to assist them in reaching their goals.

My Trust Temperament:

The Catalyst™ & The Doer™

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