Dear EMBA Student,

You’ve taken the trust self-assessment. Now it’s time to see how others rate your ability to build trust-based relationships with them. Here’s all the information you will need to set your Multi-rater Trust Assessment in motion:

Important deadlines for you to be aware of:

October 5:    Self-Assessment & Rater Contact Information Due

October 26:   Rater feedback due

Here are the simple steps:

(1) Identify 6 – 8 people you would like to name as raters (e.g. colleagues, team members, external partners). All should be people with whom you have worked fairly closely, and can assess your ability to build trust-based relationships. Do not just pick all your best fans! Try for a balance.

(2) Invite each person to fill out the assessment on your behalf.  Here’s sample verbiage to ask for someone to fill out the assessment:

“Chris, as part of my Executive MBA program at UC Berkeley, I have the opportunity to receive a Multi-rater Trust Assessment. I’ve taken the self-assessment, and am now asking a few carefully chosen colleagues if they would be willing to assess my ability to build trust-based relationships. The assessment is a short, 20-question, online survey and is COMPLETELY confidential. I will never see your responses, just the combined responses from all my raters. You’ll soon receive an email from “Trusted Advisor Associates” with a private link and instructions for the assessment. It should take you just a few minutes and I really appreciate your help and your investment in my personal development. If you’re willing to do this, we need your response by October 26, 2018.

(3) Once all your raters are lined up, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Be on the lookout for an email confirmation that we received your rater submission.

A private link from Trusted Advisor Associates LLC will be sent to each of your raters. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING RATER CONTACT INFO & COMPLETING YOUR SELF-ASSESSMENT IS October 5, 2018 AND RATERS WILL BE ASKED TO SEND THEIR FEEDBACK BY October 26, 2018.

(4) Your confidential report will be emailed to you on November 2nd. Please take time to read through it so that you can get as much from your class as possible when you convene.

Technical issues about the multi-rater system should be directed to Sandy Styer at or 1-855-878-7801, ext. 1005.


**Please only use your email address for yourself and be sure to use the email address for any UC Berkeley selected raters**