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“Thanks once again for an outstanding workshop for the team. The content was
concise, relevant, and impactful. And your delivery was first class all the
way … engaging, inclusive, challenging, and empathetic. I heard nothing
but good feedback from the team and I am certain that everyone

–Ken Sheppard, Senior Director of Strategic Business Improvement, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

I am a native of Toronto, Ontario, who likes to use stories and humour to engage my audience. I am passionate about helping people understand and embrace the human side of business so they can fulfill their potential as the leaders they were meant to be.

I am a professional facilitator, speaker, and coach with over 20 years of experience in the learning and development industry. I have delivered hundreds of workshops, seminars, and keynotes for leading Global organizations – Deloitte, TD Bank, insurance and investment companies. I am currently on the global faculty as an external facilitator for Deloitte Leadership Development. Facilitated programs on Leadership, Communication, Business Development, and Emotional Intelligence. I designed and facilitated several executive offsite strategy sessions, multi-day conferences, company retreats, and team building exercises. I am a professional Coach with 104 hours of CTI’s Coach Training Program.


I had just completed a 2-day workshop for one of my largest clients. I truly value my relationship with them and never want to do anything to negatively impact that relationship.

I submitted my invoices for my fee and travel expenses for the program as per the usual process. Normally it takes just over 30 days for the payment to be processed. Much to my chagrin – 45 days had gone by – no payment. I emailed my contact at the client regarding the issue several times over the next few weeks – no response. It was now well over 60 days – no payment – and no response to my emails.

Now thankfully I kept my self-orientation in check and refrained from escalating this issue to the higher-ups at the client. (My relationship was more important than on-time payments.) Trying to have empathy (it is NOT about me), I realized that my contact must be incredibly busy, has an email overflow, and has to deal with the accounting department of a large organization to resolve this issue.

So, I decided to apply empathy and “Name It and Claim It.” Instead of the usual email subject line of – “Overdue invoice follow up” – I changed it to – “This is Awkward.” The body of the email included empathetic language coupled with low self-orientation.

The result – after weeks of waiting and several unanswered emails – my “This is Awkward” email was responded to in 10 minutes! The issue was resolved shortly after and my relationship is still intact – maybe even stronger!


I am a global leadership development expert facilitating and designing programs for executives around the world.


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