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The 4-minute Mile of Personal Change

Bad things happen to good people. Some of those people live the rest of their lives defined by those bad things. Most people would agree that it’s better to overcome those bad experiences, and move on (not to say it’s easy to do so). A life fueled by resentment is a life wasted. The question […]

The Opportunity Cost of Mistrust

We all suffer – some of us more than others – from the fear of getting ‘stiffed’ by our soon-to-be client. Fortunately – or maybe not – there is a plethora of lawyers just waiting to sell you protection. Of course, your soon-to-be-client has tapped into the same infinitely deep pool of legal imagination. Maybe it’s just […]

The Biggest Trust Myth of All Time

A lot of casual bloggers out there – and a few not-so-casual writers, even some famous people – are fond of quipping about trust in ways that at first blush sound wise.  But often, these aphoristic musings turn out on closer inspection to be untrue.  They are pop wisdom, bubble gum sayings, reflecting a failure to apply critical […]

Are You Selling to Vulcans?

Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans. –Mr. Spock in ‘I, Mudd’ The iconic Mr. Spock from Star Trek was half-Vulcan, half-human. It’s the former we first notice in Spock – Vulcans are governed entirely by logic and rationality, unencumbered by emotions. But it’s his human heritage that takes Spock from […]

If Selling Is Too Hard, You’re Doing It Wrong

Many fine sales authors will tell you that an essential ingredient in selling—perhaps the essential ingredient—is effort. Gumption, grit, hustle, sweat—whatever the word, the image it conveys is that success in selling is tough. No pain, no gain. Selling is a lot like football, this view says: the team that exerts the most effort is […]